Monday, March 13, 2017

Festival Makanan Antarabangsa Thailand 2017 - Thai Food Fest

For those who know me, knows that I'm really into food though maybe not that adventurous but still curious enough to try on some.

So recently, I went to this Thailand Food Fest or as they call Festival Makanan Antarabangsa Thailand 2017 located at the Bus Station Precint 14. Driving there was already a problem for me. Search through waze and it ended in front of Alamanda shopping mall.

Make another u-turn and had me gone round and round and after about one hour, I managed to reach the specified place after having to park aside the road and google again about the details of this place. Sigh.

My first thought of when I heard about this event was, a huge market place with all sorts of Thailand's foods. But upon reach, only a few booth were there. Hoping on some creepy, crawly foods stall (nahh, just kidding!) but still I was hoping for local Thailand foods and not the normal foods that you can have it here, in Malaysia.

The only foods that closest to the Thailand dishes that I was hoping for were Pad Thai, Banana Nutella Pancake, Tomyam and Thai Ice Tea. And luckily, there were sold there and though it might not that similar to the original in Thailand, but it was enough for me.

The Pad Thai is similar to a kuey teow dish but served with peanut sauce and sadly, only two booths were selling them. I even had the dancing Thai Ice Tea, yes, the bartender (acewah) literally dance like the Teh Tarik crew (not the b-boys) but the pulling tea competition you seen on the TV way way back in years. Something that actually entertains the customers.

Me and my sister did bought a few of the foods sold - Pad Thai, Kebab, Chicken Pau, Kuey Teow Tomyam, Dimsum and Fish Sate. Yes, I know some of them doesn't really represent Thailand at all, but I'm hungry. In hoping that next year it would be much better.

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