Monday, March 06, 2017

Baking class with Dinda Delights

Recently, I went for another flower buttercream class at Dinda Delights, section 23, Shah Alam. Just at the back of my house.

*A quick note - I am selling these babies at 16pcs for RM100 only and you may follow my baking social media for more information :)*


I was browsing through my instagram timeline that I found a post stating in a discounted class from RM250 to RM180. As it looked bargain to me, I ping the owner. Just my luck, they can still squeeze me in despite they had already reached their quota.

The chef of the day was Chef Syahril from the tv show, Chef Hero/Chef Oven, though I have never watch it.

A small vendor boutique cafe was the place of learning and with 15 participants it might get a little cramp but as people say, for knowledge you might need to sacrifice some. Haha.

We learned on making 5-6 types of flowers using just 3 types of nozzles - 104, 81 and 125. It includes - closed rose, open rose, carnations, hydrangeas, daisy and some I don't know what it's name.

The chef was friendly, quirky and really loves to make lame jokes but still makes us all laugh. Haha. He shared on buttercream recipes and tips and tricks to get along with the buttercream texture.

If you read my last post, you might just say, didn't I went already on one flower buttercream class? Yes, yes I did. I guess I just need more info or exposure. As when I tried back home, it doesn't look like the one I made in class and I don't know why. Hoping that after this class and practice, I can achieved more.

After almost 4 hourse learning, starting from 10am, finally we finished making all the flowers on 11 cupcakes. Playing with pink and purple colored flowers. I am surely loving it!

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