Monday, March 06, 2017

Cybersquare Vertex, Cyberjaya - Atul's Birthday

On early of February last month, it was Cik Atul's birthday. So instead of just celebrating her birthday with cakes on a choices of hipster cafes, I tend to choose something different for her birthday this year.

A simple question to her was, "are you free on the 2nd and 3rd of February?" And she answered that she had one week off from work and surprisingly it was a coincidence for me to bring her for a short birthday getaway.

The place that I had choose was Cybersquare Vertex through Airbnb. It is one of the website that provides not just hotel or resorts but even homes for those who make it as a homestay.

A different way of spending a night rather than the normal hotel/resort getaway. This place has all the amenities closes to a hotel minus the breakfast buffet.

At RM100 per night, it was affordable enough for us. A soho-like home complete with queen sized bed, flat screen tv, wireless internet, kitchen, fridge and washing machine.

Attached with a small balcony, and a view of the pool was good enough for a short getaway. Located on a higher floor, the windy breeze through our window is just what we need on our break.

As we reached there for check in, the first thing we did were swimming in their enormous pool with an infinity end. And I even brought homemade sandwiches to save some money. Haha.

By night, we celebrated Cik Atul's birthday with not a cake but with Bread Pudding as what she requested. Plus a tiny small candle just to complete "the birthday cake" 😂 And also five regular-sized pizzas.

By tomorrow morning, we made a pitstop to Jasslyn Cakes near Bangsar, as Cik Atul wanted to try on their cakes and desserts. Since we were to full on cakes, we didn't have the chance to eat banana leaf rice. Maybe next time. Happy birthday Cik Atul !

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