Monday, March 06, 2017

The Hyacinth Cafe, Taman Malawati

The Hyacinth Cafe | For those who knows Kak Yani from @thekitchenguardian might know that she has a cafe called The Hyacinth Cafe at Taman Malawati.

This morning after settling some errands from the bank, me and my sister head down to KL to try out some of their desserts as their cafe is open from 11am till 4pm and CLOSED every Thursday and Sunday.

Driving through for about 45 mins from Shah Alam, and using my trusty waze app, we reached the cafe. Just a quick note, if you're using the waze app, it will stop you by the roadside. You may continue driving till u see an entrance on your left. Drive ahead and find your parking spot. Yup, its the white building. 

Big glass window and doors, you'll be greeted by their friendly staffs and you might just spoil with choices as soon as u get in the cafe.

Unfortunately I just had my portion of nasi lemak and cucur udang, I can only indulge on one type of cakes which I choose Sirap Bandung Lychee (RM15) and one piece of Cranberry Scones (RM5).

Serve on a vintage-looked plates makes it more nostalgic to indulge! As for me, I had the habit of trying a bit of the cake, plain without the cream, just to get a taste of how the cakes on its flavour and texture.

And suprisingly, you can taste the bandung flavour and the fragrance of a rose. The sweetness is just enough and when you ate it with the cheese buttercream, which I think been infused with rose or cranberry bits, makes you can't just stop eating one bite after another!

For the scones, it was really delicious. But I couldn't say more as I only had two scones in my life and this is the second time. First was at Jasslyn Cakes. I need to taste more types of scones to really get what is a scone. Hehe. But Hyacinth's scones was really good and they served with a slap of butter and raspberry jam.

By the decoration of the cafe, I can see that comfy is their number one priority. Using a non-cliché colour of Lazuli Blue (I think), it makes it comfort enough to walk in and not the feeling of industrial/wood pallets like all cafes are really into right now.

Drinks are also served at an affordable price but, I just had filtered water as I am already feel sluggish enough on sweet desserts. Haha. 

All in all, I would to be back again and try on their other cakes. Gosh, if I could I would buy each of every flavours! So why not you guys try heading out to The Hyacinth Cafe and lemme know on your preferred desserts. Xoxo.

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