Thursday, March 02, 2017

A year older, and a year wiser? Maybe :)

The month of March has always been my favourite month every year. Why you may ask? Because its my birthday month! 2nd of March to be exact !

From just a little kid till I reached 20 years, I always have celebrations made at my house either with friends or close families. Remembering all the good foods that mummy cooked and cakes bake with love also by mummy. Been given a lot of presents which eventually the amount got lesser by years. Haha.

It was always the best day for me - my birth date.

When I'm in my Uni years, I remember my roommates would get me a cake (which was my favourite back then - Blueberry Cheesecake) and a candle light for me. After a tiring day at class, and came back to the hostel for a surprise cake, was really wonderful.

Then there was one time, that I had friends who would treat me lunch and dinner and even a game of bowling while in Melaka.

In Degree, as friends come and go, honestly speaking, I miss having to be surprised or being treat for a meal on my birthday, but then again, one must not be so emotional right? Family and cousins are still around to celebrate it.

Uni years, have passed, and only closest friends are still with me. And in my 26th years of living, yes I'm turning 26 today, felt really old. Haha. Never had I ever been surprised with a bouquet of flowers and chocolates for my birthday! (I only have received flowers bouquet when convocation) But, the topic here is my birthday okay :)

So, on this day, my beloved friends Amani & Fuad decided to make a surprised by sending roses and chocolates bouquet to my home.

One call from an unknown number, and luckily I picked it up, saying he's in front and would like to deliver something, really makes me wonder, did I order anything from Zalora or Lazada?

It turns out its a flower bouquet and I'm LITERALLY felt like crying but control macho in front of the runner. Still confusing on who would send me these gorgeous surprise? I made insta stories asking and trying to figure out who would send this to me.

And, a thought of last night makes me wonder if it is Amani, as she seems suspicious last night, but I tend not to bother much. Haha. Confronted her on whatsapp and she said yes, it was from her and Fuad. Guys, I am literally crying my heart out of happpiness, haha, I have always always alwayssss wanted surprises on my birthday.

Looking at all the birthday surprises on internet, and instagram, damn, it hit me really hard, that I would one day wish I had that moment. And thanks to you guys, this year, I managed to have that moment. Thank you so much! XOXO I'll update the pictures soon.

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