Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anis was born on Christmas.

Hello pimples ;)
Okay, first of all.
This post may be too late but for memories reason, I need to update it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Anis Fariheen :)

For Christmas, I stole for my own present. Later, I'll post the pictures k?
And Anis, Happy 20th Birthday babe :D

This is the continues version of the post.

Anis Fariheen is a dear friend of mine. Way back when I was in semester 1 in UiTM.
After 1 year and a half, she decided to further her studies in Degree using Fast-Track. (a way of getting the Degree earlier than the Diploma.) Ahh, by now, you guys already know what Fast-Track means.

So, one day, she text me saying where I am and wondering if I'm available to pick her up at the KTM station. I'm available of course. So, I was really happy seeing her after all this years. (Ceyt. As if we were seperated like 10 years. Duhh.) Pick her up and send her to UiTM.

The next day, we went for lunch at the Ayam Penyet Sec 7. 
Too many stories being shared. Owh, how I miss talking with her :'D
Then, we decided to go to Sunway but since it was Christmas Holidays, both in and out from SUnway was packed with cars. No way, we're going to go there.
I was trying to find my way back, when suddenly I went lost. I'm not really sure where I am.
And sudddenly Anis said, "Eh, this is my hometown."
And I was like, "We're in Puchong already? Gosh. This GPS really screwed me."
Anis continued that we go to IOI Mall instead. So, yeah, we went there.
We headed for the movies and the one we WANTED to watch was, Sherlock Holmes, if I'm not mistaken.
But the timing was very late. So, we decided to watch the hilarious movie called Jack and Jill.
Oh my, the movie kept getting you to laugh form start till the end !
You can't even stop for a quick breath !
It sure made my day :D

Meet Anis and me.
(sorry for the low-quality pictures)

Happy 20th Birthday Anis :D

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