Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Event Part 5 Masscomm

Hello pimples ;)

Just wanna say,
CONGRATS to Part 5 Students of Masscomm,
for their Event class Project at Pantai Tg. Bidara.
With collaboration with Pesta Pantai Melaka,
by Malacca Tourism.

They handled Beach Run and Photo Gallery.
Didn't have time to join the Beach Run.
But, peeps said that it was splendid.
Good job guys :D

Here are some of our pictures,
enjoying the scenery and the event.
Then we head out to DP.
Just pusing-pusing takde keje.
And main game :
Mari Berfikir.
Mari Ke Bulan.
Open The Helmet.

Sumpah game ni menguji tahap pemikiran anda and berapa fokus-kah anda terhadap game tersebut.
Naik gila aku main. Hahahaha.

Kelassss Adu Tiara :D Haha.

The tired faces at 3 a.m. in the morning.
Pictures credited to Zaidi  & AMW
Editing : AMW

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