Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Backpacking. Part 2.

Hello pimples ;)

Yesterday went out for our Part 2 backpacking. Only the both of us.
Since Kak Bey couldn't join due to driving classes.
We head to Ikea first for lunch.
Owhhhh how meatballs were delicious :D
Don't forget the chicken wings. Yumm.
Scrumptious. I know.

Then we decided to go to OU.
SO, we go round and round the parking lot to park our car but there were none.
Then, I found one, and I just went in.
Little that I know, there was one Chinese guy were coming after that same spot.
I look at my back mirror and there he was.
Waiting for me to come out.
My heart was beating faster as I'm scared.
The scariest part was, he got off his car and came to my car.
I lower down my window and we talked on how I don't want to get out of the parking spot.
He was really pissed off.
He even shouted, LANCAU!
And even gave me the middle finger too.
Nice. 2-in-1.
Due to that incident, I had a bad feeling of leaving my car there.
So, I decided just to get out of the building and went straight to Low Yatt.
I couldn't bare my mum's car being scratch or the window being smashed.
You know how Chinese can be right?

We reached Low Yatt and Megan bought something for her brother.
She bought herself a cute black dress :D
Me bought myself a long sleeve t-shirt.

 This is me waiting for Megan in the fitting room. Haha

Owh yaa, if you're in the BB or Sg. Wang, please find Iz Tropical Fruit Juice kiosk and ask for
 Tebu Limau Kasturi. It's delish.

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