Saturday, January 21, 2012

Papa John's Pizza

Hello pimples ;)
Here I am, again.
After so long. 

Someone's craving for pizza last night.
And I'm really sure it wasn't me.
Who you ask?
My beloved mother :D

She went a little bit like this,
"Tomorrow night, we go out and have dinner."
She continued,
"We go and have pizza."
And I was like,
"Cool. Where? Pizza Hut? Domino's?"
Mummy said,
"Nahh, we always have those. Let's try another kind of pizza."
"There's a new pizza restaurant at Shah Alam Mall, right?"
"I think soo."
Mummy continued,
"Then we'll go there lah and have dinner."
*with a really big smile on my face*

So, we went there. Let the pictures do the talking shall we?

My so-called-happy face :D

The mushroom soup was WAY BETTER than Pizza hut's.

The Garden Salad was okay.
But the baby tomatoes or what we called as cherry tomatoes was a little bit sour for me.
I was thinking of it being sweet. Haha.

Let's move on to the sauces.
1. Obviously Tomato Sauce.
2. Garlic Sauce and it is my fav.
3. Don't tell me you can't even recognise Jalapeno?
4. The sauce for Thousand Island. 

Here the pizza is required to eat by dipping in one of the sauces or even all of them.

This is what we called Fisherman's Catch. It got Tuna, Crabstick, Peppers and more.

This is a half-and-half pizza. We choosed Texas Heat and Chicken Super Papa's. It was delish !

Owh my, my tummy will be as round as a polar bear. Haha. Exaggerate much?

We're enjoying our dessert. The FLOAT.

Owh yaaa, meet the CREATOR !
John something-something. Haha.

Thank you Mummy and Abah for bringing us here for dinnerrrrrrr. Luv yaaa :D

See the number there?
What are you waiting for?!
Go and called now ! Haha.

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