Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello pimples ;)

The result for UPSR candidates are finally out!
All the standard six students must be freaking out waiting for the result.
Oh well, congratulations.

My sister had just received her result and she got...
5A people!!

I am so proud of you, little sister :D

Wanna know how the situation was like when me and my dad first got there?
We were on our way entering the school and my sister's name had just been called.
We saw her at the side entrance of the hall and she was CRYING!
Haha. Okay for me it was a little bit funny.
This is what we called Tears of Joy.
Since I saw her crying, it made me cried too.
URGH. Maluuuu laaaahhhhh. Hahah.
The funniest part was, she quickly run down the stairs and hug my dad,
"Qila dapat 5A. Uuuuu. Uuuu."

Okay, not just her washing her face with the tears of joy.
But also all the students who got 5A's for UPSR.
Don't believe me?
Let's see all the vampires.
Why? Can't you see the red puffy eyes? Haha. 

Okay. This pictures shows that parents are not that patient to get the RM100 that the government provides for the students. Hahahahaha.

Then, we head to Section 9 for Subway and Tutti Frutti.
Well it's like, to congrats zee sister. Hehe.
Or maybe just another lunch for the day. 

That's all.

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