Thursday, November 24, 2011

Adel's Surprise Dinner

Hello pimples ;)

Last night we made a surprise dinner for Adel.
Well, maybe the dinner wasn't that surprised.
But the cake was. Hehe.

The menu of the day were Nasi Goreng Cina and Hotdog Stir-Fry.

Since there was no extra helper, the birthday girl also got to cook.

The dinner only consists of 6 people since our budget is not like Paris Hilton.

This is Kak Bey as you all now in the I AM...IZUAN blog.

This is Mastura.

 This is Ajim. Being too shy all of the sudden. Haha.

 Ajim's friend.

 The cake. Kak Long Del <3
Noo. She's not a gangster or involve in any mafia group.
It's just the way we called her.

 This is the birthday girl, AMW :D

The menu.
That's all.

Happy Birthday Megan :)

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