Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go Tigers! Go Tigers!

Hello pimples ;)

Congrats to Malaysia for wining the last night game!

Since I'm not really a die-hard fan of football.
Last night, might change a bit in me.
It was supposedly COM363 class last night at 8pm.
But, the lecturer didn't came.
Maybe he/she was too busy watching football.
 After waiting for almost an hour, all of the classmates decided to watch the game at Laksy.
So, me, Mas, Alif and Bubu went there.

The dining hall was packed!
There were, like no place to sit.
All the chairs had been taken and reserved.
At the outside, the students were like queueing to see the game.
Inside? Ohoooo, there were like 5 televisions and people were like glued to it. So packed!

We stood for almost half an hour when then we decided just to steal any chairs. Haha.
Okay, sitting next  to Alif is like sitting next to the football coach!
He would screamed and yelled and jumping all around the place.
He shout as if he owned the place.
Me and Mas were like, "Alif behave. Behave." Haha
It's like people were more focusing on him rather than the game.

This game gave me the heart pumping, the adrenalin rush, the nervousness,
as if I was playing the game.
Now I know how guys get really excited by just seeing a football game.
Now, I know how they feel.

For whatever it is, 
watching football or doing things you don't usually do,
when it involves your friends,
it will be AWESOME!
So, try and do things with your friends.
It might change you :)

Congrats Malaysia.
(I bet my maid at home will be frust-menonggeng!. haha. )

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