Sunday, May 30, 2010


Yesterday went out with NIK and AMY and TINI and FAIYUM and AMMAR and AMIRIL. He2

We headed off around 9am. Pick up NIK and went to Putra with train. Of course, we had to stand first, after the KL Sentral station then we sat. After one hour in the train, we reached Putra station. We had to wait for a while for other members to arrived.

When all of them had arrived, we went to PWTC. The place was ok. There were a lot of booths. Then we head to other section like warehouse sale. Didn't fing anything though because I'm not really good at shopping. On the other hand, AMY was really a shop-a-holic :D

Then we went for lunch at McD. We had a lot of fun laughing and chatting on anything. Then, TINI had to go back early because AMMAR will be moving to his new home tomorrow, so, say bye-bye to TINI and AMMAR.

Then, AMY decided to go to midvalley since it was too early to go back home. We took the train and head off. Again, AMY bought something. Tsk3.

Around 6pm we head back home. But something happened to me and NIK. The train to Shah Alam broke down and we had to take the bus. The awful part was, both of us had to STAND all the way to our home. I mean our legs was like nak tercabut dah! It was tiring kot.

So, it was a very memorable memory to spend with my friends :)

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