Thursday, May 20, 2010

out of words?

Things that I've missed here were, Mother's Day and Teacher's Day.

First thing first, Mother's Day was celebrated around the world on 9th of May every year. I did not managed to buy my mother anything, despite my lack of ideas. I too, didn't have much time to make her a wonderful card since it was my final week. I only managed to wish her on that day, after I had arrived home.

Well, here's a late wish, again, Happy Mother's Day, Mummy :)

Second, for Teacher's Day, I managed to celebrate a little by going to my former secondary school, which was not in my plan-of-the-day. It was an invitation by a friend. So I went there and met a couples of teachers, some students and did watch teachers and students played some games and some sort of GIG performance. Not surprisingly, seeing my brother up there, playing the guitar. I know he love to do this kind of thing.

Even I'm with my friend, my classmates, there always a feeling inside me that make me an outsider between them. This always happens when I'm with my schoolmates friends. I'm not sure whether it was me, or them. I did try to blend in, but maybe I didn't blend well with them.

Well, teachers, Happy Teacher's Day from your oh-so-naughty student XD

Went home straight after that because of the hot weather, just couldn't stand it.

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