Sunday, May 23, 2010

burfday partaaaayyyyyy

Yesterday, we had a party for Aqilah's 11th birthday. Just celebrating with her fellow classmates. Sang birthday songs for her. Ate some delicious cake : carrot cake with cheese topping ( yumm ) and chocolate cake with chocolate topping plus M&M chocolate.

Made fried mee hoon but the kids barely touched it because they were craving for nuggets, hot dogs, and chicken drummets. In just a second, there were all gone. Hahaha.

Then, the kids went off to the park, but before that, I , literally force them to clean the place up. I asked them to pick up the rubbish, pile up the chairs and fold the table. After that, I allowed them to go to the park. Am I being to cruel? Nah, I'm just being a sistah XD *wink wink*

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