Friday, May 21, 2010

one dress for me please?

Hey, it's me again! Holla!

This morning, I was really lazy to wake up. Then, my maid pegi kacau, so, like it or not. Kna bangun-lah. Had breakfast and went out for a quick jogg and had the chance to play my skipping rope after a long time. Btw, I just bought it yesterday. hahahaha.

Went out for a while with my maid after dropping off my sister to school. I was in a feeling of having a dress. So, I walked and walked and walked, and saw there was a bazaar ( I think ) outside of SACC mall. So, decided to stop and browsed things around. Found a lot of dresses and shawls.

Luckily, I found one dress and for me it's cute and I can fit in it! :D I bought it for RM20. Cheap eh?

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