Thursday, May 20, 2010

out of ideas

Now its May 20, and you can see how lazy I am to update my blog. It's just that I'm not feeling to happy on updating my blog. There's too many things going on that sometimes I forget that I HAVE A BLOG to update.

Ok, semester break had just started on 9th of May and since then, my butt had stuck at home. Haha. Not literally. I did go out sometimes, or maybe you can say it every-single-day! With whom you might ask? With my maid-lah. Sape lagi. XD

I just couldn't stand seeing the car park like that, since I'm at home. So, I HAVE to give her a ride once in a while :) Even for just a short while like picking up and dropping off my sister to school.

You just couldn't stay at home 24/7. Because that's when you started to eat more than you should do, you sleep more than you should do, you watch TV more than you should do ( wait! is there a limit in watching TV?! ) . You have to go out, at least once in a while.

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