Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quite tired right now...

Today's weather was so hot. It was really really hot. I slept around 3 am last night because of Sociology report and ended up waking at 9.30 am. Obviously, I missed my CTU class for today. Sigh -__-'

Had my breakfast with a box of milk and went off for BBM class. Today were having 2 groups presenting their presentation. First one was on 'ucapan' and the second one was on 'taklimat'. Both of the groups were very entertaining. They were very creative ; they provide us with oranges each and Bubu's group had models wearing the traditional Malay's wedding clothes. See how creative they were? It was their way of attracting the audiences (which was us) and to gain extra points from Madam.

Owh yes, my couples assignment got 9 out of 10! How wonderful! Me and Anna were sooooo happy. My individual assignment got 8 out of 10. So, hopefully i can do my best for finals since my mid-term was not that good.

After that, I headed back to my room to have my lunch which I bought earlier with Mastura and Wanie. But, because I already had my milk, I couldn't finish my food. This was my first time, I couldn't eat it all. Good one, maybe I can reduce my weight :) I've gained a lot since I've been here.

In the evening, went for BEL class and Madam didn't come. So, we had to do past year paper individually. Luckily, the paper wasn't that hard. But still, I'm quite afraid about the finals, because my mid-term grammar paper was not that satisfying. I only get 18 and a half out of 25.

It was time for CoCuriculum and I'm soo happy. Why? Because this is the last day for CoCuriculum! Yea!!! No more strict orders form strict seniors. No more stupid yelling from the seniors. And, mostly no more, Mr Sahak :) We had to fill in a form on changing Cocuriculum. I choose 'Senitari Traditonal' while Tini chooses 'Drama and Theater'.

Now, I'm at the library but not inside, just below one level for group discussion. I have already finished my part on Sociology report. Thank God. I just can't wait for this to finish. It really burden me.

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