Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Events in AG were awesome!!

This story was on 10th of October 2009.

According to MassComm's calendar, today and tomorrow, they will be having an events organised by part 6 MassComm students at AG ( Alor Gajah ). Starting at 10 am until 11 pm. I had planned to go on this day and tomorrow a week before.

I departed at 10 am and waited at the bus stop for about one 0ur until a bus arrived. The weather was so hot and I had to wait a the busstop. Sigh -_-' Never mind, for MassComm, I willing to sacrifice a little bit. He3 I went there with a friend. Since, my closests friend went to another place. So, I decided to ask him to accompany me to AG.

In that early, there were not many people yet. So, me and him took a tour around AG just to browse things around the booths. They had approximately around 40 booths. For example, Remaja, Mangga, Skop Productions, Anak Wayang, Fire Fly, Xfm, Air Asia, Tom Tom Bak, and many more.

We met Serina from ROda-roda Kuala Lumpur and the 'Gerak Khas' actors :) Owh not forgetting Bio-Nik actor. He is SOOOOOOOOOOO CCCCUUUUTTTTEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

In the afternoon, they had show on Tom Tom Bak contestants. There were children dancing and singing. There was this one child who has the voice of a star! She sang a song which I didn't know what song was it. But, I say, she can hit the high notes!!

Then, around in the evening, the campus manager came along with the AG important person. My friend, Firdaus aka Bubu, was one of the person who accompanied the VVIP all the way to their seat. Then, he performed a malay dance using Siti Nurhaliza's song ; Kurik-Kundi. He was very talented. Ya lah, he's from Istana Budaya. Of course he was talented. His hand moves very gracefully like a girl :)

I stayed there until around 10.00 pm because I was waiting for the short film and clip videos done by MassComm students part 6. I watched 'Dara Pujaan' and it was really funny. They were very creative on doing the short film. The clip videos were okey. Good enough to entertain the audience but not better. There were no 'sparks' in the videos that can make the audience go "woooow!"

Owh yes, my friend, Adam, got to be the MC for the day. Not the whole day, but that day. He was lucky enough to be selected among all the part 1 MassComm students. Congrats to you, Adam! That's all for today.


This one is on 11th of October 2009.

I went to AG again with Tini and Anis. We rode the UiTM shuttle bus to AG. As we reached there, we browsed all the booths and stopped at the tV3 booth. They were having audition for the news reader. Anis and Tini joined excluding me. I'm still not brave enough to join.

Luckily, there were booth for news reader aundition because early that afternoon, there were news reading competition from Bernama Astro. By the time we reached the stage, the competition was over. Unlucky for Anis and Tini.

The weather was freaking hot at that time, that we decided to went back. But before that, we stopped by at KFC to buy our lunch. On the way back to our college, I had a little mouth fight with Anis. She was very rude. She thought that what she said was a joke, but for me, it wasn't. Lastly, we ended up not talking with each other -_-'

Around 4pm, I went back to AG with Bubu. Again I repeat! To support my classmates on karaoke competition. Bubu and Sohael joined that thing. One thing that most of our classmates didn't know was that Suhael can sing! He even sang Faizal Tahir's Sampai Syurga. You know that Faizal's songs are not easy to sing, right? But he managed to. Me and his roommate were stunned hearing and seeing his performance on stage. He won 2nd place and Bubu won first place. Yes, besides dancing, Bubu too can sing.

By the time it was evening, I was already tired. So, we went back to our campus.

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