Monday, October 19, 2009

MassCom Dean's List and Raya Dinner

Yesterday, it was the day where MassComm did an event on Dean's List and Hari Raya dinner. Located at the marching field on 7.30 pm until 11.00 pm. The place was quite bright with all of the spotlights at every corner of the field. I reached there around 8.00 pm with Mastura, after taking about one hour to prepare. Haha.

I wore my blue 'baju kurung' while Mastura wore purple 'baju kebaya'. She looks very beautiful in that. Want to know something? I wore wedges :) :) :) It surely helps me look taller even just a little bit :D By the time we reached there, the place was already crowded with people. We sat at the very back with her bf and her bf's friends. My, they wore the same color of attire. Awwww how sweet.

The event started with some speech from the coordinator himself, Mr. Ralph. Then followed by the Dean, and other important people related to MassComm. Then, continued with the Dean's List appreciation to the students who get pointer above than 3.5 GPA. After wards, a dance performance by the MassComm students while we all took our foods at the nearby tents.

While eating, we were entertained by a singing performance by my own classmates Iki. He sang one Raya song which I didn't remember what was the title. But, he sure can sing. Then, there was a musical theater performance by the part 1 students. It was okay but not better, never mind, at least they were brave enough to perform. Then, it was Bubu's turned to performed. He and his friends did a traditional dance called 'Zapin'.

Lastly, there were seniors or lectures, I'm not quite sure which one, but they did a singing performance. It was quite an entertaining thing to watch. Before returning back to college, we did snapped a lot of pictures. I really mean A LOT!! But for now, there will be no pictures to upload because of the slow internet coverage.

Maybe when I'm free enough, and have a lot of time to wait for the pictures to upload, I will upload the pictures for you all, as the viewers, to see :) Toodles.

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