Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eye contact, please!

Yesterday, me and my groupmates for BBM 111 had a group presentation on 'taklimat'. After our CTU class was over, we went straight to LL4 for our BBM 111 class. CTU was really boring because the Ustaz kept on asking questions again and again. I didn't get to answer the question, and I didn't get any marks.

We reached LL4 and all of my groupmates wore Baju Batik UiTM. We were soooo into UitM. Hahahaha. We were the first group tp present yesterday. But if according to all the groups, we were the third group. The last two groups had already presented their presentations last week.

Ok, our group started our 'taklimat' presentation. Starting with Kimi, Anna, me, Ani and lastly Shila. By the time it was my turn, I was obviously a little bit nervous. But I managed to overcome it a little bit. Just a few paragraph that I need to read. The marks were given depending on out intonation, body gestures, hand gestures, eye contact and the text itself.

Then, it was the next group to present. After that group had finished present, Madam gave us our marks. Both of the groups received 16/20. Good huh? We were soooo happy because it was not easy to obtain that marks. As you all know, Madam is a very demanding person.

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