Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tunang sana sini

I spent my last weekend at my grandparent's house and went for a kenduri. Kenduri meminang to be exact. People are starting to spread their love, right? hehe

The person yang tengah tunang tu ibarat sedara-mara saya. I couldn't recall her name, all of their names. I can only remember their faces. What? Sue me then if I don't know their name.

The soon-to-be-groom family's arrived at noon. After the 'sarung cincin' ceremony by the soon-to-be-mother-in-law, they were all invited for lunch.

Th foods served were Nasi Ayam, Kuah Rebung and lots of kueh-mueh. There were these kids whom I thought were the guests, but they were too the helpers on picking up used plates and cups and washed them up and put them back. Hehe. This is what we called 2-in-1 :D

That's all.

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