Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Oh my holidays already over! One freakking holidays for CNY.

Here I am, in Malacca after one week of don't-know-what-to-do. I reached here on Sunday and I decided to take a walk around the UiTM. Why I walk and not jogg? Because I'm not yet fit for jogg, for now. While walking and mesmerizing the scenary around the UiTM, I got a phone called from my lecture for Monday's class, Miss Azura.

She said, "Hello Asilah. I just wondered, if it's okay if I cancel the class for tomorrow?".

I answered, "Why?."

She replied, "It's because I have unsettle things and I'm afraid if I'm not able to come on time tomorrow."

I said, "Owh okay ja."

Soo, after she hung up, I texted my classmates and these are the replies,

Adel : Ei shit laaaaa asal class cancel?!

Adie : o m g!!!

Mastura : Damn! Baek I blk Slasa..ceytt!

Funny right? Hehe.

So, for the next day, I thought of just hanging around in the room since no class lah kn. But than, abah called saying that I have to go to the Celcom Centre to settle things.

I called celcom Careline asking for where is the nearest centre in Malacca and she said it is located in Taman Melaka Raya beside MP. Iwas like, "WHAT?? TAK BOLEH LAGI JAUH KER???" Hmmm...

So nak tak nak kna lah pergi bandar. Bertemankan Mustaqim apabila sudah mendapat kereta sewa. So, alang-alang da kt bandar, jenguk-jenguk jugak lah kt MP and DP. Hehe.

Itu jer kowt. Bye.

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