Thursday, December 10, 2009


Before I forget, when I was in Sunway, while I was eating at a small stall at the parking lot, I kept seeing wannabes everywhere. I really annoyed me whenever I see these kinds of people. It really bugged me when I see a girl wearing tudung with short sleeves t-shirt. It just not okay for me. It's better if they wore tudung with a long sleeves t-shirt maybe.

I know I'm not the 24-type of wearing the tudung, but I didn't say the free-hair was better than them. But this is just what I felt about them. For me, maybe it would be okay if the t-shirt were loosen a bit. But this was not! They wore t-shirts as if it was their younger sister's t-shirts! It was so tight! They really looked like what people called, "sarung nangka".

Haih -_-' Then I wonder why some parents allowed their little children to walk far away just to smoke?! Thus their parents' know?! There were too many kids smoking like they were allowed to smoke. They were not even 18 yet.

I just hate seeing these kinds of people, like pengkids, for example. They have the cutest faces mostly and got the hottest gf ever. But why in the hell, they choose to be like that?! Is it really worth it?! I realy dislike them. Once you'd be friend with them, you can never turn back. There was one true story about this types of people.

She used to be friend with this one pengkid, all lovey dubey and all sorts of things. Then one day, she decided not to be friends with the pengkid anymore. The pengkid got angry and sent a few guys to beat her up because she didn't want to be her frined anymore.

There I say, be careful with the pengkids. This is from my point of view. If you guys disagree about this, then you have the right to say it. I wouldn't be in your way anyway. This is just what I felt about people in the surrounding.


eiqaaa :) said...

yeaa, agreee! kids nowadays are overboard! some parents didnt know what are their children do!

Sachiko said...

mcm2 gaya ada
sakit mata tgk
huhu -_-'