Thursday, December 10, 2009

Twilight New Moon :D

Yeah, at last, I get to watch this so-called-awesome movie with my neighbor. Departed around noon, luckily my neighbor wasn't that bad to wake up. I had to wait for one hour for him to get ready. Sometimes, boys do take time longer than girls :)

We took the train and bus to reach Sunway Pyramid. When we reached there, we went straight to the cinema to buy the tickets. The tickets for 1.20 pm and 3.00 pm were about to sold out. Luckily, we managed to buy the 1.20 pm tickets. That were the only tickets left at that time. The line was not that long, but after that, only God knows how long was the line.

Apiz decided to watch the movie first before we eat. He really sacrifice his hunger for the movie. Haha. We only ate popcorn and two cups of coke inside. Me, even I had already taken my pre-lunch before we went out, my stomach still hungry for real food. After wards, my stomach had already full of gases due to the coke -_-'

The movie was awesome. Now I know why most GIRLS in aww with the Jacob character. He had this nice 6-packs body! So nice :) Edward was still the good looking, not to be missed out. But one thing made me unsatisfied with the movie was the character Bella. I wonder, when she was sad because Edward left her, why couldn't she cried, like really cried? I just couldn't see her tears. I'm not sure whether there were any tears, but I surely didn't see it. But, overall, the movie, I gave 5 freaking big stars !

Owh, yes, both of us bought each a bag at F.O.S. The Christmas theme bag. The red and green color were quite attracting :) I just had to have it and
cost me on rm10.

Before I ended my entry, would somebody tell me where I could buy one vintage beg?

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