Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Good evening, people :D

Nothing to do than hanging out in my own room after spending my evening at the park.

I woke up early today even I did sleep late last night. I was too fascinated playing diner dash until it was 12 midnight. The customers just keep on coming and made me miserable, I had to finish this level and ended up failing couple of times. Sigh -_-'

Frustrated enough I decided to went to bed after saying good night to him. But still couldn't. After a few minutes of rolling here and there, I doozed off :)

Had an early breakfast around 9 after watching The Beast at AXN. The movie was quite interesting. The twisted tale of a cop and an ex-convict? I'm not sure whether it is true or not, because mostly I would watch The Beast when there were nothing to watch.

Then,had lunch twice! I repeat, TWICE! My maid just made fried chicken, but her fried chicken were da boom! She marinated first with 'kunyit' , onion, sugar, salt and 'cili merah'. After marinated it for some time, she fried it. You can try it. It really tasted better than normal fried chicken.

Of course, after eating a lot, you guys will feel sleepy right? Same goes with me. Huhu I was texting with some friends, when suddenly, I found myself sleeping at the sofa! Haha :D

Back to the park, I was hanging out with my maid and some of my friends. There's this boy, he was playing a guitar. While he played, me and another boy disturbed him with turning in and out the tuner. When out of sudden, the string got loosen and couldn't be repaired! You can see how panic me and the boys were. We were like, "Omg! How? How?" , "I don't know" , "Damn u!" . But lastly, we just played it cool like nothings happened. Haha ~~~~

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