Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Life getting duller day by day. I still don't know what to do. I ate, I slept, I play, I walk, but still nothing satisfies my happiness. Everything seems fine to me but, I'm not sure what went wrong.

Okay, cut the craps!

I got this terrible diarrhea around 3 in the morning due to the bad foods from last night's wedding. In the evening, the foods were okay. By night, it started to smell, and since I 've just woke up from my owh-so-good sleep, I didn't even border to smell the foods. All I have think about was to fulfill my hunger :D

3 in the morning until 7! I couldn't even get back to sleep after that! Sigh. Like it or not, I have to go downstairs to have a cup of dark tea. ( Is it even called dark as in 'pekat' ? ) My mum said this is the best way to lessen the pain.

In the afternoon, went to SACC for aquick shopping at guardian for UiTM's thingy. Quite early though. I know. But it's better early, so that I didn't have to rush at the last minute. had lunch and went back home.

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