Wednesday, December 07, 2016

First experience of Make-up

Quite exaggerate huh the title? It's not that I've never had make-up on my face. I usually only use eyeliner, lipbalm/lipgloss, and bb cream. Knowing that my cousins love to doll up with make-up, I asked them to teach me a thing or two about the almost-proper way to make-up.

First thing first, you need to make sure your face is clean and also your hands. Then prep your face with moisturizer so that the make-up will glide smoothly on your skin. For moisturizer here, I used Body Shop's orange vitamin C moisturizer I think.

Concelear is used to cover uneven skin, dark spots, acne and all other misfits on your face. Then move on to foundation, as we all know the best foundation will be from NARS. As all of the make-up essentials is my cousins', so I'll just go with it. Foundation used - Body shop too.

I learnt about contouring, shading and highlighting cheek bone, nose and face. Blend and blend and blend. Cover it all up with compact powder or loose powder then add on the blush and a little shimmering for a dewy glow.

Now it's time for properly draw the brows and put on some eyeliner and mascara. Not forgetting the lip part. Lastly is a prep setting spray from ELF cosmetics.

There were a lot of brushes that made me confuse on which to use on what products and the purpose. Haha. Thanks Eka Muslihah and Hanani for the lesson on Make-up 101.

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