Monday, June 16, 2014

Kelantan Unique Fam Trip 2014 (Part 2)

Wake up rise and shine peeps ! As this will be more on tourism product update, be prepared to see more pictures on THE products and not the pictures of me. Haha. Places for visit on this second day are Nordin Batik, Kedai Emas Pak Cu Roni, Balai Seni Lukis Kelantan, Industry Desa Bahulu & Akok, and Kraf Kayu A. Rahman

Songket galore.

A wide range of hand-painted batik.

Nordin Batik & Crafts is basically your one stop centre for buying some hand-painted batik. This is the biggest batik sellers in the whole of Kelantan. Selling a wide ranges of hand-painted batik, block batik, digital batik, batik songket, and batik clothes suitable for men and women.

Diamonds being sealed on a bracelet.

Goldsmith maker, Pak Cu Roni is one of my favourite stops. I get to see the making from melting the gold until it became a gold ring. I even managed to see how the diamonds are being put on a bracelet complete with crafted-name.

Kelantan Art Gallery had just been opened to public for about five months, and the pieces that are being put up was incredible. The paintings were eye-catching. Though the place might be a little small, but improvement are in progress.

Fresly baked bahulu.

Delicious treats like Bahulu & Akok are fresly made here. This cottage industry is one of the ways to increase their household income. Freshly made is better than machine-made treats. By far, you can smell the sweetness of the batter being baked.

Craftsman making a crafts out of woods.

Wood craft A. Rahman, is a craftsman for wood products. Be it wooden door, mirrors frame or any sculptures made from wood, he is your guy. This woodsman craft is located at Kampung Panjang, Banggu. They even made reservation and requests for design.

Can  you see the thick sauce over the chicken?
Yes, I am hungry now. Damn.

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik at Warung Yati Ayam Percik, the most delicious Nasi Kerabu I have ever taste in my life ! To get the best, you have to find the best. The sauce for the ayam percik is to die for. Creamy and fulfilling. I might just asked for a second round, if I'm not myself.

Have you heard of a dish called Nasi Tumpang? It is rice cooked packed like Nasi Impit, put with some dishes like sambal udang or chicken rendang, fold it in with banana leaves. The reason for inventing this dishes is for food supply for those who travel far.

By night, we get to stay at the prominence Tok Aman Bali Resort. The only 4-star hotel that is available in Kelantan.

The inside view as you step in towards the swimming pool.

Nice sunset view by the lake.
Till next stories.

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