Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chemistry Cafe, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam

First of all, before you read about this post, please please excuse their a-little-bit-slow-services, as they are still new and quite struggling to handle all of you hungry-zombie-customers. BE patience as it will be worth it.

To all you hipsters out there, there is a new cafe in town ! Right here in Shah Alam. In the area of the famous Pak Li. Just beside D'One Steak. With only just 10 days of opening, the place has been swarming with customers ! I literally had to fight for a table and chairs. Haha.

With conjunction of Father's Day, the dessert is on sale. Well, some of it. One of it is the scrumptious apple pie. Top with whipped cream, what a nice dessert to be eaten with one iced cold mocha. They even have signature's drinks but too bad, didn't have the chance to taste it yet. But maybe in the future, I'll come back again.

As the name 'Chemistry', you might just mixed something in the cafe. Surprisingly using measuring cups for the drinks and syringe for the extra syrup, it was just outstanding of an idea for the concept. With the mural on the wall, and the decorations at the front door, you might be amazed. As if you are walking into a science lab.

The best part of this cafe, besides than the drinks and foods and also the deco, the attire of the staffs working there. They all wore lab coats. Like literally those-white-clean-lab-coat. Minus the stethoscope, the geeky glasses, and the bundle of files.

As the owner of the cafe, Zuhairy Zakaria (Hairi San), the inspiration to open this cafe was because he was just full of ideas and his creativity keep on blooming ! Well sir, your idea was just right on time ! Shah Alam do need these kind of cafes. Hoping to see more menus and pastries in the future :D

Now, let's enjoy the deco shall we. (Sorry for the low-quality pictures)

At the back end for groups of six.

Just another cozy corner.

The right side of the cafe.

The left side of the cafe.

See the lab coats?

Cool mural on the wall.

Loving this table-counter-top.

Pasta Bolognaise Chicken (RM11)
The sauce is just nice. Delicious, if added a bit more of black pepper
it will add more 'uumpphh!'

Iced Mocha (RM10)
My all time favourite.
Serving in a measuring cup.

Apple Pie (RM6)
The apple in it is okay, but the pie crust might be a little bit soggy.
Though it is not a big deal.

Mix Berries Chillers (RM10)
Serving in a conical flask.
When it comes to 'chillers', I was expecting real
 fruits blended with ice and syrup.
Not blended powder, coz its just taste like normal ice blended.
But then again, I'll let this pass :) 
It tastes like chewing gum bubble yummm.

Say hello to the friendly owner, Sir Zuhairy Zakaria (Hairi San).
If you can guess what he's been doing for a living besides than running a cafe, 
you might just get a free drink! Depends on the owner lahhhh. Haha.

Dear students, nearby and far, 
this might just be your IT place from now on.
Spread the words, blast it through social networks,
 and may this cafe blooms !

Chemistry Cafe + Lab
No 26, Jalan Kristal J7/J, Seksyen 7,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel : 017-6262797
Bussiness Hours :
Tue - Fri 3.00pm-1.00am
Sat and Sun 2.00pm - 1.00am

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