Monday, June 16, 2014

Kelantan Unique Fam Trip 2014 (Part 1)

Well hello again ! How bout another trip from me? This time is Kelantan, Negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang. A big thanks to Puan Hazlinawati from Tourism Kelantan for organizing this event, and my boss for giving me the chance to follow it. Haha. And also FireFLy for sponsoring the flight ticket to Kelantan.

As the name 'FAM TRIP' is used, it is the short form of "Familiarisation Trip" which means this trip is organized to exposed all the uniqueness of tourism products to media. In terms of culture, heritage, history, traditional games, arts and crafts, shopping places and their peoples. All of these products will be shown in this 4 days and 3 night of a journey. Though it may seems a little bit cramp, but the experiences and the exposure is something you might not get a second chance.

Trust me when I say, this is my first time boarding a plane all by myself. The last time was like when I was six, I think, and I couldn't even remember how it was like back then. So having to board a plane one more time give me the jitters. I was lost for a while at the airport but managed to find the departure hall. As I was sitting in the plane, my hands seems to be sweaty and I as praying and prying, though the journey took about one hour jeeeee. Overly excessive paranoid ! As the plane started to lift out, unconsciously, I lift my leg too. Hahaha. Luckily no one noticed it.

Good bye, Shah Alam.

Jitters + excitement = I couldn't sit still !

Finally, touch down Kelantan. I must say, I was snapping quite a lot of pictures from the window to get 'the' view of the wings of the plane. Sooo childish. Bear with me. We were greeted by Encik Rosdi, one of the tourist guide assigned to bring us around the places in Kelantan. On this first day, we stayed at Holiday Villa Hotel just in front of the famous Pasar Wakaf Che Yeh or known as the Uptown Kelantan.

Kelantan is known for their foods especially 'colek', which is foodd that are dip in flour mixture and deep fried. They use calamari, shrimp, crabstick, sausage and all those 'bebola' thingy-thingy eaten with their special sauce. Here they even have pulut ice cream, obviously ice cream with sticky rice and colourful bread for topping. Weird but delicious. Just a nice dessert to enjoy by the beach of Pantai Sri Tujuh. Owh yaa, our transport for that day was Volkswagen Combi ! Yes the old school design were hippies in the ol' days use to ride it. If I have a round-shaped shades and a flower crown, I might just be one of the hippies. Hehe.

Can I bring this Combi back home? Can I? 

At night, a place called Min House Camp or Taman Kelip-Kelip catered for our dinner, serving the famous blue-rice Nasi Kerabu and getting to stream down the river of Sungai LubukDurian for a chance too enjoy the view of fireflies by the tree. But sadly, since it was raining before we came, only a few of the fireflies can be seen.

Some of the media from many agencies and departments and organizations.
Yes, you can spot Iqram the small one on the right.

Min House Camp or Taman Kelip-Kelip

Before heading back to sleep, Wakaf Che Yeh is a must place to go shopping ! You know how uptown is right? So no need long explanation. Till more stories coming up.

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