Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Buka Puasa @ Caprilicious, Capri by Frase KL

As we all know, Puasa is just around the corner and what are the best way to enjoy Ramadhan than having a feast for berbuka at a nice place. Fasting is the moment that we waited for every year and breaking the fast is better by having surrounded with family. Instead of breaking the fast with foods from Bazaar Ramadhan and home-cooked dishes, why not for a change try some delish cuisine with the theme of 'suasana kampung' at Caprilicious, Capri by Fraser Kuala Lumpur.

They are having 'buka puasa' buffet from 30th June 2014 until 24 July 2014, offering a wide spread of delicious local authentic delicacies highlighting the dishes by the stall that will be set up within the vicinity of the restaurant.

Caprilicious will be ofering a special price of RM58.50+ (6% govt tax) with 25% off discaunt for Early Birds from 30th June until 6th July and Last Minute on 21st until 24th July. The best part is, YOU BUY 9, YOU GET THE 10th FREE ! (7th - 19th July)

On normal days, the buffet is selling at RM78+ per person and children (6-12) charged at half price. For those who crave for durian, a stall of durian will be available with an addition of RM15+.

Thank you to Caprilicious, Madam Sharifah and Mr Dennis, for the invitation for me to do a food review regarding the 'buka puasa' buffet. There were a lot of scrumptious menu that were to die for. As I walk through the trails of foods, I surely did not know where to start ! Let's enjoy the pictures and you might just get hooked !

Fuits and lots of it.

Cakes, pastries and yummy Lemon Meringue Tart.

All you 'jeruk' lovers, go nuts !

And you too, Kerabu Lovers !

Masak Lemak Cili Api Ketam.

Good ol' fashion satay.

Durian anyone?

The head chef for Malay cuisine.

The indoor seating.

The outdoor seating. Especially for Durian eaters. Haha.

The bubbly and friendly Mr Dennis, who seems to know how to entertain guests.
He reminds me of Adie Lokman and Adu. Classy with a sense of humour.

And of course the lovely, Madam Sharifah :)

For dinner reservations, you can call 03-2386 0888

I am full. and I need my sleep. Toodles.

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