Sunday, April 15, 2012

How art can calm the mind.

Hello pimples ;)

I love art.
Basically something related to making cards.
Birthday cards. Wedding cards. or any occasional cards.
But, sometimes I do love to paint the wall.
Doing some not-so-perfect-murals. Hehe.

Sometimes, due to stress, arts calm me.
I don't know how and why, but it just did.

According to Nicole E, (2010), she stated that art is an expression of thoughts and feelings, as well as an outlet for creativity. It is well known that mental illness fuels creativity, and being artistic can be a great therapy.
The arts can be used as a natural way of calming the mind, and can contributes towards improving the state of your mental health.

Being creative can be an outlet for anger and frustration. It is the same as when you express what you're feeling towards a friend about the stress of life; this is how it feels after expressing these emotions artistically. Indulging your creative side can also help with mental health problems such as anxiety and being artistic provides a successful distraction.

You can choose whatever method to express yourself.

You can choose from watercolours, oils, poetry or even playing an instrument.
Then you can choose a method of creativity that is easily accessible for you.
Don't worry about getting it perfect, just enjoy yourself :)

Here's me trying to kill the time while waiting for Him to come back home.
I paint a mural on the left edge of my mirror.
Something to get me out of the boredom-zone of doing nothing.

See, my work ain't that perfect, but I did have fun :)
Well, good night ya'll.

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