Friday, April 13, 2012

Communication is important in...

 a relationship, but often overlooked.

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Communication in relationship. 

What is the first thing that comes in your mind?
Is it the way you speak?
Or the content of what you speak?
People say, in relationship, one must know how to communicate or disaster will occur.

Have you ever noticed that there are too many tips on how to communicate to make your relationship lasts longer? Too many I say. You can just simply type in google and thousands will come out. 
But, too many tips will not work if you can't really understand the simplest thing.

Don't ever think that communication is a small thing, but if you ever think that way, you are putting your relationship at the end of the edge. Don't ever think that, once you've had the person you desire, there's no more reason to communicate like you used too. Don't be surprised if someone else, got his/her attention.

Do act now ! Go brush up you skills or go find MORE tips so that you wont lose the one you love. 
DON'T ever say that, "Hey, he's already mine, so what's the point of sweet talks?" or "She's my girlfriend and she will listen to whatever I said."
Bad move guys. You'll end up in pains.

Let me share with you some of the simplest way to maintain your relationship.
For advance tips, go find it yourself ! Haha.

Intimate Question
(Pertanyaan yang mesra lahhhh)

Do you always wish on your partner? 
An example, might be saying, "Good morning, have you eaten your breakfast?" or even "Good night my love." 
Coupled with a warm and affectionate call. Sounds cheesy right?
But, these little things are the MOST important that people usually neglect.
You don't need to be as romantic as Romeo to be cheesy. Just be yourself.
Don't ever give excuse like, "I'm Busy." ! Screw you.

Communication help in solving problem 

When you're mad, angry, upset or any emotion that related, you tend to spit out all those horrible words without noticing it. But remember, once you've spit it out, you're not going to lick it back. 
Sooo, before any bad thing happens, we must first learn how to control it. 
First thing first, don't ever, I repeat,  DON'T EVER let your emotion control you. 
No matter who start it first.
If you still not satisfied, try to confront your partner slowly. Using sooth and calm words. 
Disaster usually happens when one of you started to raise their voice.
Don't ever be the fire towards a fire. Be the water.

Communication when dealing in situation

What I meant here, is when an unplanned situation occurred.
For example, your partner is sick, sad, moody or maybe having problems.
By now, you must know that your partners need you. But usually you don't know how to handle it right?
What you can do is by giving him positive support and strength. 
Don't ever said that, "I'm already have to much problem. Don't push it."
You'll never noticed that, this will make your partner more disappointed than before.
Soo watch your words. She/He might not be around when you need them next time.

Well, that's for now. Sources are legit. Hope this is helpful :)

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