Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Today,I went for my driving practice using the highway. Supposely, I have to practice in the track but somehow there were people from JPJ having their tests. And they supposed to have their tests on Friday and not today. What a bummer.

The practice was great :) I was so anxious that I hit the double line. That would be a direct fail! But nevermind,this was just a practice and not the real test. So,I have to be more focus and alert by next time. The teacher taught me about all the roads that maybe will be choosen on the real test. There was this road where I have to drive on the right side only. This is the first road. The second road was where I have to stay on the left side all the way. Lastly, the third road was where I have to make a u-turn. Today's practice took about 2 hours and I was ok with it.

Before return back home,we checked at the track if it can be used. Luckily the track was empty since the JPJ have gone home. So,there I was practising all the challenging courses. I made my way up the hill,down to the parking lot and on my way to the 3-pointer. My teacher said that I was good on all 3 of these. It was a relieved to heard that. I hope I can managed to pass all of these on my real test.

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