Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boom Boom Pow!

Today,I went for a cycle to a groceries shop to buy things. Then went back home to watch tv. Suddenly my maid's friend ask if she can come over to her house for some cooking. She asked wheather my maid can cook some dishes for lunch. So,my maid cooked 'Tempe Indonesia' and 'Lodeh Indonesia'. It took about nearly one hour to finish the cooking. After the cooking had done, I and all of them started to eat and the dishes was delicious! man,I'm not used to eat 'tempe' but this 'tempe' was really great. I ate about two plates to fulfill my hunger :)

Had some chit-chat with Marissa about her school and her classmates. She's very talkative and she really laugh loudly :) I mean really loud. She's just 13 and it's quite cute when she talked about scandal and everything. School lovers is what I meant. Marissa,good luck on your exams!

My sister bought a new phone and she got this game in her phone called Age of Empires II. And this game made me addicted to it. If there's any free time, I would play that game. But unfortunately,that game only have 6 missions and I've finished all of it :( Hmph.

There's these new songs that kept me dancing. Haha. There's Rihanna - Hatin on The Club and BEP - Boom Boom Pow. Seriously heart-pumping and body-moving songs.

Owh yes, another 38 days approximately before I go off to Uni :)

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