Thursday, May 14, 2009

Teacher's Day Part 2

There's a big differences between school back then and school nowadays.

Back then.....

  • Walk to school,if got no 1 in class,parents will give a new bicycle - felt very happy!
  • 5 o'clock in the morning,mom had woken up. And the water was very cold! Some, 6.59 am had already standing infront of the school's gate.
  • Rm5 for one week is a lot!
  • Shoes' brand that were famous : Fung Keong, Bata and Pallas Jazz...
  • Activities at recess : 'Timbang Bulu Ayam', Football, 'Galah Panjang', 'Batu Seremban' or 'Jengkek Kapal Terbang'.
  • If the homework couldn't be finished,of course the teacher would get angry! Have to stay outside the class with the book on top of the head. Students who get scolded by the teachers do not hav ethi guts to tell the parents. Why? Because the parents will cane them.
  • If the students forget to bring clothes for PJK,they have to stand straight. Forgot the second time,stand on the chairs. Forgot the third time, satnd on the table!
  • The most fun things were on weekends. The students will not be at home. They will be hanging out with their friends playing 'pondok-pondok', 'tuju selipar' or went fishing at the village's river.


  • Students were sent by parents ; usually boys with motorcycles and arrived at school just before the first bell rings.
  • Money? At least the students have to have rm10 because the living cost nowadays is high. Even a plate of 'Nasi Lemak' cost about rm5!
  • There's a lot of types of shoes. The better the quality,the higher the price!
  • At recess time,there's no nee dto go outside to play. Just sit in the class hanging out and play mini video game - small,advance and easy!
  • The teachers maybe have to be sent to a class for handling students that are stubborn, hot-tempered, and cannot be advised.

Fuh! BIG differences! We should appreciate the teachers who had been taught us for many years. Thak you,teachers :)

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