Friday, October 17, 2008

a day wtih Rere :)

wake up at 8.30 am. took a bath. brush my teeth n wash my face. wear clothes. having mee hoon grg for brakfast. yumm. + hot milo. aauchh. went upstairs for study. about one n 1/2 hours on agama n sej. ngantok gle beb. i try memorizing the facts by talking with my teddy bear. instead i went to bed 2 sleep. hahaha. about 1 o'clock,went down preparing for tutoring with mr daren. while waiting 4 him 2 come,i ate some krepek. but the worst thing is,i cant stop eating that krepek. hungry kowt :) we statrted about 2.30. study! study! study! ten my mom serve us her delicious spaghetti! wow! sdpnyer :) after that smbg blk blaja larh. in the evening, i released my pet bird,rere,so that he can play around at the yard. i was so happy 2 play with him. then he started to fly like a maniac. when suddenly he hit my garden lamp! TONGG! hahahahahaha. i think he felt a little bit dizzy n settle down by the fence. but he was facing at my neighbour's ouse. so,i was like panic! how can i took him back to his cage? i step forward a little bit n arhhggg!!! he went to next ouse. haiyaa!! then ktorg g la dok kt dpn umah sblh kt pagar mereka. mengharapkn yg burung 2 akn pulang. tggu pny tggu. x gk pulang2. t'lompat sne. t'lompat cni. hish! ssh btul. last2,ktorg masukkn cage die kt dlm umh 2. taraa! die msk. kn sng 2. he2. so the moral of the story,jgn lpskn brg d dpn umah anda. haha.that night,i n my sister having popcorn movie. the movie's tittle is 'Barbie and The Diamond Princess'. channel carton network. how cute r we :) owh ya. 2day also my dad went 2 china for an office trip for 5 days n 3 nights. owh! i miss him already :( k i'm kinda sleepy right now. so nyte2.

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