Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Raya :)

For the last 30th of sept,my fmly n i went to KUALA TERENGGANU to celebrate our raya celebration :) we depart at about 4.30 in the morning before sahur. haiyaa! ngantok lah. we packed so many things in the car. on the way,we took our 'sahur' in the car. haha. my mum brings nasi grg. yumm! yumm! after eating our sahur in the car,we continue our journey to KT. i was like sleeping all the way to KT :) so tired la. we reached my aunt's ouse at noon about 12.30. quite fast b'coz theres got new highway going straight to KT. afterwards,i've unpacked my things. at the evening,i went to the beach with my fmly. the beach was so nice n beautiful :) in the evening,we went back to break our fast. the next day was same. all the way till evening. on the 1st of oct, it was RAYA!!! my sister n i woke up early in the morning at 5.30 am. we took our bath n wear our new baju kurung n went off to the mosque for 'solat raya'. but we didn't get anu 'duit raya' at the mosque like most mosque used to give 'duit raya' to everyone. quite dissapointing. haha. next i went to my maklong's ouse. owh! her house still got the 'kampung' look :) it's very nice. then i've got many 'duit raya'. hahaha. my siblings were jumping n laughing outside maklong's ouse. it was a happy situation :) my parents were busy chatting with my maklong. see how happy we are.

hahaha. i luv my siblings. owh n one more thing,the ouse is 'kampung' like :)

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