Wednesday, October 15, 2008

asilahbakri's open ouse <3

2day cuti for PMR exam. gud luck pmr students. haha. lme dowh x update blog. since bile ntah. xble nk bkk laptop. haoyaa. kt KT plak xdek wireless. adoyai :( mmg buhsan gile larh. anyway last friday is my raya open ouse. my ouse open at 8.45,but they all come at 8.30! i was like 'what??!!' so early. i was a little bit kelam kabut. but manage to survive. haha. the food was delicious. my mum made sweet n sour chicken,beef black pepper,chilli pasta baked,garlic bread,brownies,trifel cake. wow! so many. but the foods only last for about 30 munites only! yup! 30 minutes! the people were all hungry n they just eat. it was amazing how the foods dissapeared :) look at how they eat. hahaha. sry guys.

they r many people came to my ouse. they were wearing different colours of bj kurung n bj melayu. it's like a colourful party :) hahaha. they were all beautiful n hensem. the people that i've invited are,my classmates ; 5 pesona 07/08 rocks!, pantera crew, form 3 students, and a little bit of form 5 students from different classes. it was happening. n then theres my brother,bazli, friends. also plus aqilah's friends. aqilah's friend were so cute. theres this girl wearing baju kebaya. wah! so so so so so cute. look at this picture :)

see how cute they r :) owh n my classmates were there too. i love my pesona 07/08 :)

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