Monday, November 17, 2008


hey,is quite a long time since i last sign in. so i took apportunity on dis day to take a while away from my book. yeah tomorrow is add math paper. haiyaa. ok2. the thing is how it will be after spm? where will be my friends? my foe? or even my teachers? oh! ofcourse the teachers will be at scholl. haha. my friends? bestfriends? will we ever see each other again? will we ever hangout 2gether again? will we ever called or text each other? i mean i've never experienced any of this. i've only have friends. i've never knew the true meaning of 'bestfriends'. once,i hv many bestfriends. when this one incident occured,all of us we're like fighting and they wont talk to me. i've had this experienced since i was in form 1. i don't know why. so,i try being friends back with my ex-classmates on primary and my ex-foe in secondary. i try being friends with them. first,everything was ok. but then it became very awkward for me. ye lah,da gadoh then kwn blk. plik kn?! so,i take my risk. if they talk bad about me infront or back, i've just let it be. but i really like to know how it's like to have a sleepover,watching movies with ur bestestfriends,or even hangingout till midnight. i do envy with them who had already experienced this situation. for me,my bestfriends is not really like bestfriends. it didn't feel like it. so sad for me. haha. maybe my attitude was wrong or maybe they we're 'jeles' on me for which i don't know why. so,when we all we're like walking 2gether,it didn't felt right. it felt like i wasn't there.

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