Monday, February 29, 2016

How to choose good-fitting sandals

When you decided to go out for a walk, or maybe some hanging out with friends, besides than having the thought of 'what to wear', I bet the other question will be 'what kind of sandals should fit this attire?' True right?

Wearing sneakers might feel sporty, flats might seems formal, flip flops might just be comfy but too laid-back, but how about sandals? I see right now there are everywhere !

So many types to be chosen

Do yo know that sandals have been in our lives and it is the oldest styles of footwear in history and has been worn for thousand of years. Don't believe me? Remeber 'The Gladiators' ? Cool sandals huh. Hehe.

However, finding the proper, good-fitting shoes might seems impossible. Not many people know on how to choose the good-fitting sandals because they have no idea on how these sandals should be selected for a proper fit.

Try looking for straps that have locks on it
You won't find much issues on other women shoes because they could have just cover the entire foot to help tell if the shoes if properly support or not. On the other hand, sandals can be a lil bit tricky as you need to pay extra crucial attention on the fitting as it can affect your health and the comfort of wearing it.

By now you might just ask yourself that sandals comes in TOO MANY shapes and sizes and don't forget about the colours too ! There are types of sandals that seems comfy enough for beach wear, and sleek look for formal wear. Some even go for rough activity like hiking. So how to choose?

Make sure the sole is thick enough for you to be comfortable
I'll break down some of the basics rules aite?

1. The best time to measure your feet is at the end of the day.

2. Find shoes that fit the largest feet of yours.

3. Do not be fooled by the size inside the shoes, wear it and figure your size.

4. Remember to have atleast 3/8" to 1/2" extra for covered shoes. For sandals, please make sure you are comfortable wearing it by walking. Yes, walk around the store if you have too.

5. Do not ever, I repeat EVER, buy shoes that too tight for you and expect it to stretch to fit your feet.

Don't forget to have one in nude/earthy colors for easy match with the outfits
When looking for sandals, do not forget about Support, and making sure the sandals you have choosen have it. The sole should be a little bigger than your foot and should be thick enough to protect you from anything that you walk on and also to absorb the blow of your footsteps.

Do invest on a pair and get sandals from trusted brands so they can last longer ! Remember, its better to prevent than to cure. Lazy to go out? There are tons on types of sandals at Zalora ! Cash-on-delivery baby !

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