Sunday, February 28, 2016

Grand Lexis Hotel, Port Dickson

Grand Lexis Hotel, Port Dickson | Last weekend, I was given an opportunity to stay one night at one of the most talked about hotels in Port Dickson. One of the most viral pictures in facebook. Obviously one of the most 'I-want-to-go-here-one-day' hotel. Say hello to Grand Lexis Hotel, Port Dickson !

Reception Counter
Lobby Area
It was an invitation by a good friend of mine, Atul, as she had an assignment to do over there. Since I have already set in my mind of going to Port Dickson, I packed my bags and drove off.

2 hours of journey, we reached there. One big white building with big red letters of 'Grand Lexis' had me in awe. Greeted by their friendly staffs, we check ourselves in.

Balinese-concept room is one of the specialties at Grand Lexis Hotel, besides being awarded 'The Most Pool In A Hotel' by the Malaysian Book of Records. The Balinese can be seen on their beautiful hard wood flooring and interior design as well as the wall decorations by the pool.

Room Layout for Sky Pool Villa
All 317 rooms have their own private pool which I guess all of us dream of in a hotel room. We were given the Sky Pool Villa, located on the 7th floor of the Hotel Tower. Two king-sized bed can accommodate up to 6 pax in one room and since I went with two other friends, we have the gigantic room to ourselves !

Loving the cute pillows in our room
By lunch, Miss Jini Sebastian, PR for the Grand Lexis Hotel, brought us to the 2nd floor for a Japanese treat at Genn Japanese Restaurant where we indulge on their Bento Set Menu consists of Terriyaki Chicken, Salmon and Tempura set. I had my first taste on the baby octopus which I literally close my eyes and hold my breathe while munching on it ! Baby meee. Haha. Eatable Edamame was also good !
In front of Genn Japanese Restaurant
Soft Shell Crab Sushi
Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set
The Eatable (for me) Baby Octopus !
She did a little tour for us, besides having a Japanese Restaurant on the 2nd floor, they also have Lex Spa for those who just want to ease down on those muscles, Indoor Game Room for little kids and adults and also a Karaoke Center for those who just want to amp up the volume.

Or maybe if you want a lil bit of sun on your skin, head down to the receptionist and ask about the 'Mix & Match' voucher for outdoor activities for RM25 and you can choose to play 3 games out of 6.

The Mix n Match Ticket
Me and my friends decided to play the 12 round of Archery, 2 rounds of Segway and 30 mins of KMX ride. Archery was fun, I think the last time I played this was in primary school.

This is how Cupid works. Hihi
Three Musketeers
Not so bad, Asilah. 
Trying out Segway was the best decision I have ever made ! Instead of 2 rounds, I managed to get 3 rounds after trying to sweet-talk with the care-taker. Hihi.

KMX is just like a bicycle ride but lowered down to almost the same level as the ground, and you stretched out your legs and try to maneuver it with your hips and waist. Quite challenging though. How many accidents we have encountered among ourselves. Haha. And Adi kept on saying, "This is how accidents occurred."

Riding through the Water Villa
By dinner, we had a wonderful western delights served by Duyung Restaurant, in front of Lanun Bar for those who wants to spend their supper with good ol' live band.

Enjoying our western dinner
Private pool in the room basically is the main reason we wouldn't want to leave the room. 4 feet deep is just perfect to wind up the day. With an amazing view of the sunset overlooking the Water Villa is just speechless. Every free time we had, was filled by dipping in the pool.

4 feet deep of private pool
Can't wait to dip in !
Me, Atul and Adi, being overly excited !
Sunset view by our room
Though people say the price might just burned a hole in your pocket, but but buttttt, online booking has some serious promotion going on ! Some even goes half price ! Try booking on Agoda to grab that ridiculous price. Haha. (Psst, our room is currently at RM600, from RM1532) Enjoy !

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