Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lexis Hibiscus Hotel, Port Dickson

Lexis Hibiscus Hotel, Port Dickson | Being built along the coast of Pasir Panjang Beach, this hotel is under the big group of Lexis Group. Location in Port Dickson same as the Grand Lexis, Lexis Hibiscus provides different environment than her sister.

Lobby Area
Top View of Lexis Hibiscus
Beach Area
Buggy and bicycle walkaway
With number of rooms of 639 rooms consisting of Tower Rooms and Water Villas, me and my friend were given a chance to enjoy the Water Villa room. By now all of you might know about the hotels unique attractions - pool in the room.

This is what known as "Petals"
But for Lexis Hibiscus, the pool is more of a skinny dip minus the skinny part. Haha. As the size is a bit smaller than Grand Lexis and same goes as the room. But I am thankful for the sauna room though.

Sauna Room
Water villas have a few parts along the stretch like Leaves, Petals, Pistil and Stigma. Our rooms were located along the Pistil (known as the Panorama Pool Villa) of the flower diagram, where 2 sides can be chosen either Sea View or Fountain View.

I do recommend the Fountain View as you can see a 400 feet of fountain water with colorful lights at night.

Fountain View
2 sets of King Bed, flat screen tv, hairdryer, mini pool, bathtub, sauna room iron and iron board, bathrob has been quite enough for a wonderful stay.

Panorama Pool Villa Room
1.2 meter deep pool
Bathtub Luxury
Outdoor Seating
Overview of the sea
During the stay at Lexis Hibiscus, we were fortunate enough to try on their Lexis Spa Massage and we get to choose 1 from 3 types of oils - balancing, refreshing and relaxing. The service was top notch.

Massage Room
Other than that, huge public swimming pool, riding the bicycle and segway as well as karaoke and water activities can be done during the stay at this hotel.

Public Pool
Kids Playing Area
Buggy services
Buggy ride is one of the accommodations provided for guest who are staying at the Water Villa. Do let me know if my sharing help you guys :)

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