Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mikey's New York Pizza, Publika

The first time I went to this place was for a friend's surprised birthday celebration. I google it before hand to know where and what will they serve at this joint. As simple as the name stated, its pizza. But not your average pizza hut & dominos, it is more to the new yorker styled pizzas. Thin crust with big portion of slices. Yes, they serve by slices. I have always imagining myself living like the new yorkers with their big slices of pizza that needed two hands to eat it and a glass of cold drink.

My bestfriend and his fiance.

To show how big is the 18-inch pizza compare to a human being. Haha

Well it seems that I can now fulfill my imagination. *cough* It is not that difficult to find the place as if you were lost, you can just find directions from people inside the publika mall. That is how I did. Okay now lets talk pizza.

They have 9 different flavours ranging from RM8.88 per slice and up to RM15.88. They also sell whole pizza which they called it as whole pie pizza, ranging from RM59.88 and up to RM88.88.




Some of the topping can be as simple as just plain mix of cheese (classic new york pizza) to the spiciest in Asia known as The 9-1-1 Pizza which contains one and only cili api with cheese. I dare you to try this. Haha ! My favourite would be The Tony Soprano and The meatballs pizza.

They also have what they called as upgrades. Its like a package when you buy by slices or pie, with additional charges you can get drinks and fries. One more thing about their fries is not like our average french fries, they use waffle-cut fries with 5 choices of topping and dipping sauce named after countries like Houstan and Brooklyn.

I'll share you the menu, because menu is what I always look for first thing before going to a new place. Just to prepare my wallet. 

This is the upgrade I was talking about.

And not to be missed is their Boneless Buffalo Wings, what's not to be loved when it is boneless right? 8-pcs of boneless wings coated with bread crumbs and Mikey's signature buffalo sauce. Munch it all without having your hands dirty. I warned you, the wings is a bit spicy and sour. Kinda like tangy at the back of your throat. Trying eating it first and then try dipping in the house-made blue cheese. Tengok boleh pergi atau tak. Haha.

The decoration of the place is based on New York's enviroment, in my opinion why I said this, was  because the frames hanging by the wall with pictures of newspaper cut by The New York Times and famous people of NY of course. But the people work there is not from New York. Hehe.

The decoration. Can be seated up to 20 pax.

Our seating of the night. See the frames? 
Full of beautiful scenery of New York.

The order counter. Order first, pay and eat.

Due to the awesomeness of the whole thing. I went for second for my cousin's and my sister's birthday celebration.

Happy birthday sister, cousin amy and his friend amy yoshi.

Mikey's New York Pizza
D3-G3-3A, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Same row as Whimsical.
Sun - Thurs 11.30am to 11pm
Fri - Sat 11.3am to Midnight
Tel: 03-6211 6293

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