Tuesday, April 07, 2015

KGB (Killer Gourmet Burger), Bangsar

Once, McD was it for burgers. The best of the best. Then came Burger Bakar Abang Burn or maybe the one in Wangsa Maju (though I had only taste the one located at seksyen 7). Now I can say that I've found the best among the best for burger joint. Thanks to my bff Adel, for bringing me to KGB, which stands for Killer Gourmet Burger situated in Bangsar, for my birthday treat. She was very convincing that this joint was the bomb !

The front view of the lot

The inside view of the lot

I've been here twice already and would come for third. The burgers here have both chicken and beef either crust seared (beef), grill (chicken/beef) and fried (chicken). Besides that, they even have Vegetarian Burgers. Not to worry all you vegetariansss out thereeee. You can still enjoy it here.

When I first visited here, I ordered the TORNADO CHICKEN. A fulfilling grilled chicken, crunchy onion rings, runny sunny-side up egg and buffalowing aoilo. At first glance, it looks like normal burger with upgrades but as you bite into it, all the juicy-ness from the chicken and the eggs run through your fingers ! Trust me its going to be a messy dish. It's way different from your normal burger. But sadly, no picture on this particular burger to show as we were so hungry and forgot about snapping pictures. Please do give a try for this one.

On second visit, thought of getting the same one but think again, why not try other menu right? So I went for KGB SPIKED - crust seared beef, sharp cheddar, crispy beef bacon and KGB spicy sauce. According to its definition, I was thinking of something that is spicy and juicy, but it turns out slightly lesser than what I have imagined. The meat not even juicy but passable and I can't taste the spicy sauce. A bit dissapointed though.

KGB Spiked - RM 15.90

My sister had the CLUB - grilled chicken, fresh avocado, egg salad, chicken crisps and herbed ranch. She said it was okay. The reason she pickes this was to try and taste the avocado. She can taste a bit of sweetness in it and due to major hunger, she let it slideee.

CLUB (chicken) - RM 18.90

But one thing for sure, if you ever come cross to this joint, please please please order their TEXAS JALAPENO STEAK & CHEESE (beef/chicken) ! It may seems like chilli cheese fries but this was off the roof ! Really good and really full and it was hard to explain through words. A bucket full of hot fries, generous amount of sour cream, a handful of chicken/beef and a glorious sea of cheeseeeeeeeeee and top it off with jalapeno to complete it ! Every bite is magical ! *drooling and craving for it now*


To go here, make sure you park accordingly as the parking area is a bit limited. I had to park inside Bangsar Village II and walk all the way to KGB. But it was worth it. It might be a bit expensive but once in a month won't hurt. As KGB said, "Life is too short for a bad burger" :)

23 Jalan Telawi Dua, Bangsar baru,
59100 KL.
03-2201 1220
Instagram : kgbbangsar

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