Sunday, May 31, 2015

Qawa Coffee, Lorong Budiman, Terengganu

I was driving back to my hometown Terengganu on last Friday and while driving at night, through the corner of my eyes, I caught a glimpse of something bright with a hint of red and it looks like a big brick. So I asked my sister to see it and find the name of the place. My sister only caught the arabic letters of "qaf" and "wau". So I googled it afterwards and found out the name called Qawa Coffee & Sandwhich located at Lorong Budiman. I guess the "Coffee Shop Phenomenon" has spread all the way to Terengganu.

We were only had the chance to go there on Sunday while driving back to Shah alam. As a frequent user of waze, I typed in Lorong Budiman and the cafe is located along the way. As there is no specific lot to explain the location. You may just drive till you see the red contena.

They used two big red containers for the office upstairs and the cafe downstairs. The container only fit for the work station like a fridge, a sink, two cakes display, coffee machine, and cashier. Customers are needed to sit outside on the open but I would recommend the management to put umbrellas on all the tables. Not some of it. By noon in Terengganu is effing hot. 

As the nama Qawa seems unique it is actually an arabic terms means coffee. It is a term used by earlier local people here to pronounce coffee. For example, "Mung, gi beli serbuk qawa se" or "Mai minum qawa". Its quite interesting how they've come out with the name.

The pricing is as Starbucks. So you know what to expect right? As my dad said, "Price as Starbucks, taste as Starbucks." Which means the taste was really good !

Mine was Caramel Hazelnut Frappucino (RM14). So smooth and beyond delicious. Not to sweet and not too bitter.

My sister's Ice Creamy Green Tea (RM10). She said the taste of the green tea is less, should be more. But still good.

Since all of our drinks were that good, she went for second ! Ice Blended Creamy Raspberry (RM16). This one was the bomb ! Even my dad loves it too. Raspberry fruits blended with ice and milk or yogurt top with whipped cream and dried cranberries. Highly recommended. 

Besides than normal coffee-based drinks, teas and juices, they even have cakes and sandwiches. I was too full to eat so I just had the drinks.

I guess the next time I'm back in Tetengganu, this will be my first stop. Hehe. Pictures below credit to abah :D

Qawa Coffee & Sandwhich
Lorong Budiman, Terengganu.

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