Sunday, May 11, 2014

LaDapur Seksyen 7, Shah Alam ( Again, Hehe )

Since I'm doing my internship at a travel magazine called Santai Travel, I was given a task for doing some food review and I have choosen LaDapur at seksyen 7, Shah Alam to be a part of the magazine's content. Greeted by the owner himself, Encik Syed Ali bin Syed Abdullah, we managed to interviewed him four my article regarding his restaurant and foods.

How does LaDapur got its name? According to the owner, he at first wanted the name The Kitchen but seems to common. So he changes it to La Kitchen as in trying to retain the 'La' which means 'The' in Italian. But couldn't be more satisfied. Lasly, he combine the Italian word and the Malay word and produced 'LaDapur' with a Jawi words as well.

7 months and still standing, LaDapur have been blooming with customers through their delicious menu that might just make you undecided to what to eat. The thing that catches my eyes was of course the Pizza. The same thing I've loved when the last time I came here. LaDapur can be said as a western + fusion restaurant. As they have Japanese foods as well.

As I have mention earlier here, they have their pizza maker in front of the restaurant. Not at the back and their sauce and even the dough is homemade. Not frozen or pack in tins. Well, that is the reason why you all have to come down here and try it yourself. Even the western dishes are homemade. For example, the fries. They made it from scratch and it taste better than the frozen ones.

For our review, we were served with 5 western dishes, 1 Japanese dish and 1 big New York crust style pizza.

A 16-inch Firano Hawaiian + La Soprano Pizza
Firano Hawaiian - Chicken with pineapple
La SOprano - Pepperoni, olive, capsicum.

Fish and Chips

Lamb Chop Special.

Tenderloin Steak.

Grilled Cheese Meatball Spaghetti.
One hint - Homemade meatballs that is soooo 'PADU' !
It means, it is very delicious !

Okonimiyaki - A Japanese dish.
It is similar to Takoyaki but bigger.

The proud owner of LaDapur - Encik Syed Ali (wearing the Italian colored apron)
and his Pizza Maker - Encik Ahmad Arif.

For those out there, do come and enjoy the delicious foods :)

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