Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wings of KKB/ Bee Farm/ Strawberry Park 2014

On the 26th and 27th of April 2014, I was assigned to go to the Third event of Wings of KKB brought to you by Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor with partner Awana Genting Resort. As always it is the same as the last bird watching activity that I went to. It is basically a bird race competition where participants are required to gather as many bird species as possible to entitle being a winner. The contest was used to be only for schools students and now with three more new categories - IPTA/IPTS, Open Category and Fotography, it was surely a good competition in aiming to make awareness of the birds living.

One thing I enjoyed about this trip was having the opportunity to stay at Awana Genting Resort. Though it may just be one night. Having to stay at the 26th floor was surely a good view for me from the window. By evening you can see the whole valley and by morning, it was as white as cotton ! You can't see a thing !

We even managed to go to the Bee Farm and Strawberry Park. At the bee farm, the tour guide explain a little bit of the bee's history, common places for their home and types of them. They even gave us the opportunity to taste the honey right from their nest ! It's the same as when I am at JJK Pulau Pinang.

Strawberry Park was the last stop before going back home and it was a little bit disappointing as the strawberries aren't really that much for us to pick. But I do enjoy the Lavender Field upstairs. It was really beautiful.

The view when we first reached here. On the 26th floor. So high.

The next morning. Told yaaa !

The excited kids before flagging-off to the competition.

Me and my crazy partner at the Strawberry Farm.

See? Not many of them were available to be pick :(

The Lavender Field. So beautiful.

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