Sunday, March 25, 2012

Remember my birthday?

Hello pimples ;)

This is the update on my last birthday.
Celebrated in my hometown and Lendu.


Credit to Adel for the editing.

It was fun celebrating with them.
As always, flour - is the main thing in any birthday celebration. Haha.

Firs, we had dinner together. 
Talk and talk.
Then when we finally wanted to go home, they left me unnoticed.
I was like, "Where are you guys going?"
They just walk.
So, like it or not, I have to followed them.

Though, I had already have a hunch saying that there will be flour throwing here and there.
But, what the heck, it's my birthday!
Mas started first, then continued by others.
We were running like cats and dogs, cats and mice, guards and uitm students.
Errr? Krik krik krik. Haha.


We celebrated at Nando's with Secret Recipe's cakes.

 Thank you Mummy and Abah :D

 My maid and my little sister :D

 Nando's chicken.

 Somehow they served bread and garlic butter. Yumm.

 My all-time favs - Blueberry cheesecake.

Chocolate Banana.

 Chocolate something cake.

 Macadamia Nuts something cake.

 New York cheesecake.

Mocha cheese cake.

That's all.

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